Virtual Family Office financing management services to attract and retain higher and more complex income clients.

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Virtual Family Office (VFO) services specialized in the analysis, acquisition, and alignment of your client’s real estate-related financing to their financial, tax and estate plans.

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Our proprietary, cloud-based technologies, platform and processes enhance the capabilities of CPA, Financial Advisory, as well as Trust and Estate Law Firms who want to provide a higher level of expertise, value, and support for Clients with higher or more complex income.


Deliver More Value to Your Clients

Stand out from your competitors by offering your clients a VFO-powered superior experience that helps them solve for and align their real estate financing needs as part of their broader financial plan.

Time Burden

Save Your Clients Time and Effort

Using VFO services, a Client’s time and burden can be reduced by 50% to 75% when obtaining a loan or credit, and by 90% for any future transactions.

Give Clients a Dignified Experience

Many clients have achieved a level of accomplishment in their lives that deserves recognition. Unfortunately, the current industry lending process often ignores this distinction in the qualifying process which can lead to client frustration. To avoid this, we represent your clients to banks and lending institutions, thereby insulating them from the people and processes that can create unnecessary friction.

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Provide Larger, Broader Client Savings

By aligning your client’s debt with their tax and financial plans, far more total savings can be achieved than through the standard residential lending industry process.

Increase Client Success

The strength of the VFO team of underwriters, debt structuring specialists and other experts typically helps increase the speed and probability of loan approval by 25% to 35%.

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Leverage VFO Services Without Impacting Your Budget

Banks pay the fees necessary to deliver our specialized VFO lending management services, allowing you to deliver more valuable and specialized services to your clients without impacting your bottom line or your client’s wallet.

VFO Lending Management - A New Industry Solution

Business Team

Team of Experts

Data analysis. Developing business growth strategy.

Aligning to the structure of a family office, our VFO service assigns a team of experts including complex income underwriters, loan structuring specialists, success coordinators, and others, to each client.



Next, the client’s tax and asset data is combined with information gathered from collaborations with the client’s own existing professional advisors, and quickly analyzed using proprietary technologies and processes.



We use a larger data set combined with expert guidance to determine a tailored financing strategy that aligns to the client’s larger financial, tax, and estate plans.

Target and Arrows



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Uniquely designed processes are then used to select targeted lenders that offer the optimal rate for the client’s specific needs.



Lastly, we represent the client to the targeted lender via a managed process that supports them until their loan is fully completed.