More Virtual Family Office Solutions

In addition to our VFO Lending Management Solution, we provide business partners with free access to two other independent and powerful, web-based collaboration solutions that can significantly reduce your time and effort to offer and support those client needs that typically require collaboration with outside experts and vendors. Our collaboration solution allows you and your company to efficiently reach out to and engage any single professional or group of professionals you choose to solve your client’s needs. Automatically secure, store, track, organize and protect messages and documents from all collaborating professionals working on your client’s needs through a simple, centralized resource.

Eliminate the work needed to manage multiple emails, messaging tools, separate document storage and avoid communication friction points when working with individuals from different companies using different communication and document management tools. Accelerate your collaboration and increase line of sight to real-time progress with automatic notifications and progress alerts of your selected professionals until the work is completed.

Consultative Collaboration Solution

Collaborate with experts to find solutions and deliver results faster through a structured collaboration process that increases communication efficiency and progress awareness.

  • Reduce the time and effort required to connect with specialized business professionals who can help solve client needs

  • Offer a faster and more efficient way to communicate the information surrounding the needs of a client.

  • Centrally track, organize and save communications and documents between professionals collaborating to solve client needs

  • Easily monitor collaboration progress and increase awareness with additional tracking, automated alerts and email updates.

  • Eliminate delays and improve collaboration support from start to finish.

Comparative Collaboration Solution

comparing apples and oranges

Find the best vendor for your clients by reaching out to multiple vendors simultaneously to compare services and prices with a fraction of the time and effort.

  • Quickly and easily solicit and engage with multiple vendors simultaneously.

  • Secure and centralized quote gathering and messaging with your selected vendors to easily find the best fit and price for your client

  • Automatically track progress for each vendor.

  • Eliminate delays and decrease cycle times with automated notifications

  • Reuse information gathered and stored for future applications

  • Securely store and reuse gathered information for future purposes